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As a means of giving back to the community, given the extraordinary benefits of S·ONE·S, we, together with our partner, PS Corporation of Japan, proudly support the Pink Ribbon movement.

Both companies donate a portion of the proceeds from this product to benefit the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Please consider your support for cancer research.

Give today, for the chance of a cure tomorrow.

A few words about us

It has been the eternal dream of humans to seek ways of maintaining the natural health and beauty of their youth. Today, there is S·ONE·S.

For more than 20 years, men and women in Japan have made S·ONE·S their first choice, and one of the top premium collagen brands in the country.

Now available in the United States and Canada, S·ONE·S and S·ONE·S G Plus are the highly acclaimed and much sought-after Japanese collagen supplements, developed with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to counteract the aging process and to improve both the skin’s beauty and the body’s overall health from within.

With the entire management team having spent many years in Japan, they experienced first hand the culture of beauty, self respect, and personal care. They too appreciate many of the traditional and well honored customs, including harmony, etiquette, onsen, and many of the ‘secrets’, including the health and beauty benefits of a collagen supplement.

Returning to the US presented the team an opportunity to share the collagen supplement ‘secret’ with a new culture, and to pass along the knowledge and benefits learned during their time in Japan. In fact, not only being entrepreneurs, but daily consumers of S·ONE·S, they are the company’s personal spokesmodels. See for yourself, by visiting the 'OUR TEAM' page.

Having built a close relationship with one of the world’s leading premium collagen supplement companies, S·ONE·S producer PS Corporation, you can now share in Japanese culture, and also the health and beauty benefits of this ‘secret’ they bring to you.

Their mission is to provide the finest Japanese enhanced collagen supplement to the US, supporting the health and beauty of all.