Gianina Gaman

Gianina is the Vice-President and co-founder of AMPG, LLC, the company behind S•ONE•S Collagen in the United States.

She is also a serial entrepreneur, having successfully owned two businesses before launching AMPG.

Living in Japan for many years, she developed a friendship with PS Corporation President, Dr. Hideo Mizukawa and his wife. It was through that friendship, she learned how Japanese women care for their mind and bodies. One of these lessons was the daily consumption of collagen.

As a former model, and current consumer of S•ONE•S for almost 5 years, she is an ideal example of how to look years younger than your actual age.

With the singular idea of sharing this collagen knowledge, she was the driving force to launch S•ONE•S Collagen in the rest of the world.

It is her desire that others experience the many benefits of S•ONE•S Collagen, as she has.