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倘任何索偿, 诉讼或程序 (一个“索赔”) 被控告的公司落在了你上面提供弥偿保证的范围内, 本公司会给你这样索赔的通知, which notice may be provided to you at the most recent e-mail address shown for you in the Company’s records. The Company will conduct the defense of the Claim and you will assist in the defense as requested by the Company. You agree that you will not, 并且将无权, settle or compromise any Claim without the express written approval of the Company. The Company will send invoices to you from time to time showing the losses, 成本或本公司产生负债, and you agree that you will pay such invoices within thirty days of the invoice date. Invoices not paid within thirty days for any reason, 包括但不限于困难中找出您和为您提供发票, 应在18%的税率计息 (18%) 每年, 每月复利, 或法律允许的最高利率, 如果少.


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