What are the benefits of S·ONE·S?

S·ONE·S and S·ONE·S G Plus

When consumed daily, either mixed with liquid or food, S·ONE·S collagen powders provide the human body with the building blocks to help build and maintain a healthy, firm, hydrated skin structure, and are an excellent source of nourishment for bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. If preferred, S·ONE·S Lemon can be consumed directly, giving the benefits of S·ONE·S anytime!

Summarized below is a brief overview of the documented benefits of an enhanced collagen supplement. For a more detailed look at the science behind this, including summaries of clinical studies, please visit our SCIENCE and CLINICAL STUDIES pages.


Benefits for the skin

One of the early rationales in the development of the S·ONE·S family, was the recognition of collagen and it’s direct effect on the health and beauty of the human skin.

Former Osaka Medical College president Dr. Motoki Yamanaka was one of the first to highlight the use of porcine based collagen for internal consumption, in 1990 noting ‘the composition of the amino acids are the nearest to a human being’. Dr. Yamanaka’s work is the basis for S·ONE·S, which carries the Japanese Society of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine (JSCAM) mark. The JSCAM is the only society of clinical anti-aging medicine in Japan recognized throughout the world.

S·ONE·S, S·ONE·S Lemon and S·ONE·S G Plus provides the key building blocks for the development of both COLLAGEN and elastin in the skin, and serves to naturally increase the levels of HYALURONIC ACID in the skin.

The result being naturally smoother, more beautifully hydrated skin.

Need proof? Participants in a a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study consuming 5g of the same collagen utilized in both S·ONE·S and S·ONE·S G Plus, showed anywhere from 200% to more than 1000% improvement in skin moisture, more than a 15% improvement in skin texture, and a 25% reduction in UV spots, in many cases in as little as 4 weeks. See our CLINICAL STUDIES page for details.


Benefits for the body

While the significant benefits of collagen for the human skin have been shown and are well known, it is also recognized that collagen of the type found in S·ONE·S products has an extremely important role elsewhere in the body.


Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the best sources of the amino acids that comprise naturally occuring collagen, including glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolyl-glycine, lysine and hydroxylysine. Hydrolyzed collagen is therefore believed to be an excellent source of nourishment for bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and skin.


S·ONE·S G Plus also contains GLUCOSAMINE and CHONDROITIN, which act as building blocks for the production of cartilage, ligaments and tendons, help to retain nutrients and water in the joint cartilage, to reduce degradation of existing cartilage, and ultimately may help to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

In early 2014, a new study from the University of Sydney, Australia reported that two years of daily supplementation with a combination of glucosamine and a low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate may significantly reduce joint space narrowing in the knee.

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), described that relief from joint pain and stiffness is among the many benefits of taking collagen supplements. It was noted that collagen is responsible for keeping cartilage and joints intact and mobile by maintaining the fibrous and elastic structure of bones and joints. This elasticity enables people to move freely without pain or discomfort. Collagen supplements enable the joints to flex and extend properly, and to absorb the shock associated with such everyday movements as walking and doing other activities.

In Europe, hydrolyzed collagen is widely used as a treatment for osteoarthritis. Studies conducted in Germany and the Czech Republic suggest that 7 to 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per day were associated with a decrease in pain and stiffness in joints, and subjects reported that it was as effective as acetaminophen in relieving arthritic pain.

Need more proof? In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study of participants with Grade 2-3 Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA), consuming 10g of the same collagen utilized in both S·ONE·S and S·ONE·S G Plus, greater than 63% of the collagen based group reported a good or better improvement in their conditions, while and even greater percentage of the placebo control group reported no improvement at all. See our CLINICAL STUDIES page for details.


In truly groundbreaking work, hydrolyzed porcine collagen, the primary ingredient of S·ONE·S has been demonstrated to have a measured effect on improving cancer immunity in laboratory studies. In one study performed by the renowned Dr. Yoshisuke Enoki, of the Osaka Medical College, over 80% of laboratory specimens succeeded in rejecting the engraftment of carcinoma cells, following a treatment with hydrolyzed porcine collagen, similar to that found in S·ONE·S products1.

In recent news, scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, have uncovered a series of chemical signals sent out by collagen that appear to protect against cancer’s growth. Boosting those signals could act as an effective treatment for cancers that grow in the presence of collagen, including squamous cell lung cancer, for which no targeted treatments currently exist. For more, read here .


Several studies have shown that a daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen increases bone mass density. This helps makes bones stronger and can help fight osteoporosis and other possible bone deficiencies.

For people suffering from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, collagen supplements combined with calcium are seen as a valuable choice for treatment. For both men and women, collagen supplements are prescribed to patients in combination with other drugs, with the goal of controlling the weakening of bones. As a result, calcium and collagen are often used in combination to help bind calcium in order to strengthen bones and provide improved flexibility.


According to the NIAMS, another benefit of taking collagen supplements is faster wound healing. Skin repair and wound healing after an injury usually happens on its own. However, collagen supplements may speed up the process by stimulating tissue formation and wound contraction.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1 – Y Enoki (February 10, 1971). “Immunity of mice resistant to tumor transplantation by injection of gelatin and its derivatives”. J. Medicine and Biol. Volume 82, Issue 2